Ceramic tiles are a fairly common finishing material . In its manufacture of used sand and clay . Ceramic tile is characterized by many positive qualities , including durability , resistance to fire , high strength . Also , ceramic tiles are resistant to various chemicals , therefore , when processing it , you can use any detergent . Ceramic tiles are not afraid of sunlight , low temperatures , as well as water . No harmful microorganisms multiply on its surface . All kinds of dirt can be easily removed from the surface of the ceramic tile , using only water.

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The company provides the best quality ceramic tile services.Ensuring the beauty and quality of ceramics for indoor and outdoor use.Forasan ceramics with all the characteristics of a good building material , including stain resistance, durability, low-maintenance, scratch resistance, fire resistance ,They also provide a beautiful view of your buildings and outdoor space.


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At FORASAN Luxery Ceramic, customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our company. We are committed to providing our customers with a high-quality product by using innovative technology and continuous process improvements that will exceed their expectations. As a B2B wholesaler, we supply a wide variety of glazed wall tiles and indoor/outdoor floor ceramic tiles throughout Canada. We collaborate with high-tech manufacturers who offer the flexibility to customize our products, allowing us to deliver superior tiles that can meet market trends and contemporary designs.


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The tiles can be laid using a variety of different systems, avoiding the problem of

Special collection for your outdoors

Garden pools rooftops light traffic areas Carriageable area

20 mm plus 30mm

Plus is the new self-laying solution, a wide range of 20/30 mm thick porcelain ,